The Hill: Sensory Garden and Walking Path

The entrance gate to the hill

Located on the grounds of the Travis Leon Harris Building "The Hill," is a sensory garden and walking path, designed with special features for persons who are blind. At the entrance is a Braille tactile map of the grounds identifying layout and features of the garden. Landscaping includes trees, shrubs and flowers with special fragrance and texture along with aesthetic appeal.

Three different paving textures easily orient the visitors to their surroundings. Two semi circle areas, paved with brick, are sitting areas; walking paths have a rough textured concrete; eating areas with picnic tables are finished with a smooth concrete surface. Statuary is included for tactile enjoyment, especially by children, and is identified with Braille signs.

Handrails encompass the perimeter, and are labeled with Braille signs for directions and locations. Wind chimes, bird feeders, bird baths and bird houses all provide different outdoor sensations to be enjoyed.

The garden was designed using ideas from OLBPH patrons and staff, a number of interested friends with varying degrees of visual disabilities, staff from the Department of Rehabilitation Services, John Robison, building architect and Connie Scothorn, landscape architect, along with the Department of Tourism and Recreation, under the direction of Geraldine Adams, library director from 1990-2006.

Shady benches on the hillWithin the first year of opening, "The Hill" received two awards. One in January 1997 from Oklahoma City Beautiful, Inc., a nonprofit organization giving awards for beautification projects within Oklahoma City. The other in June 1997 from Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, Inc. for beautification projects encompassing the entire state of Oklahoma.

Donations for further enhancement of "The Hill" will be gladly accepted through OSLS, the friends of the library organization. For further information, contact the library.

We invite you to spend a few quiet moments during your busy day enjoying "The Hill."